Translation | Localization

Do you have a regular need for multilingual translations?

Manuals, user guides, engineering/design deliverables, catalogues, specifications, annual reports, press releases, newsletters, marketing brochures, web content and even monographs and illustrated books—our experienced native translators have the expertise and extensive knowledge required for the task at hand and can adapt your message to fit the specific needs of your target markets.

Over time, our teams build up a thorough knowledge of your products and business, using the most up-to-date CAT tools and dedicated translation memories to ensure accurate and consistent translations in terms of both terminology and style. We work alongside you to meet your needs, becoming trusted partners in the process.

We have a range of systems and state-of-the-art tools enabling us to deliver translations in your chosen format—Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, AutoCAD, HTML, XML, DITA, SGML, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

We have the systems and tools needed to translate your documents while preserving the original file layout. This not only reduces DTP time and expense but also avoids the risk and tedium of having to copy multilingual content back into your files.

Request a sample translation

We can send you a sample translation in the language pair of your choice. Try us out for free!

femme ingenieure qui programme une machine


Are you looking for a company to handle the localization of your website in several languages? Do you develop apps for smartphones or tablets? Do you need to translate the user interface of your machines, software or process control systems?

Our teams take the time to study your project in detail and can even arrange site visits with you to see the technology at first hand and acquire a detailed understanding of the processes and challenges involved. Our use of proven methods and the latest specialised tools ensures that all strings, menus and help messages displayed on screens or operator interfaces are fully consistent with user documentation.

English proofreading and editing services

Do you regularly publish papers in international journals?

We have extensive experience in editing and proofreading manuscripts and papers produced by non-native professionals who have a good command of their academic discipline and the relevant specialist English terminology, but need to have their manuscript polished by a native speaker prior to submission to an international journal.

We use track changes to enable you to review and reject/accept modifications on an individual basis.